Hear from our clients

“I injured my knee on Friday but did not realize it for 24 hours. Kristen came to my aide. He not only got me an appointment with my orthopedist early today, but he confirmed Kristen’s diagnosis. My doctor ordered physical therapy after giving me an injection. Again Kristen came to my aide and saw me today. It just doesn’t get any better than this: first rate patient service! I highly recommend Kristen.“

—Lucynda S


“I have always been a strong proponent of the value of physical therapy as an integral component in my own treatment regimen for orthopedic related issues. Prior to my experience with Kristen Zeanah, I did have the opportunity to experience other physical therapy facilities. Going forward, I would highly recommend the services rendered by Kristen as I just did for my wife. As he goes through the evaluation process, he asks probing questions and listens intently before devising a therapy plan. On subsequent visits, he maintains this process to ensure that the therapy is on track. For example, prior to my most recent need for physical therapy, I was unfamiliar with the “dry needling” treatment. Kristen walked me through the process to ensure that I completely understood what was involved. Many thanks, Kristen for improving my
quality of life.“

—V. G.


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“After seeing both a chiropractor and orthopedic doctor for hip and back issues as well as having an MRI done, I was told that a spinal block was what I needed to help me. I decided I wanted to try physical therapy first to see if there were exercises, etc. that I could do to help me long term rather than possibly just be putting a BandAid on the issue. I called and made an appointment to see Kristen Zeanah. He was very attentive, thorough, and professional. He did research and also corresponded with other therapists to find the best plan of treatment for me. After three months with him, I am well on my way to being back to good physical health. I am so grateful for this care of me. I highly recommend him!“

—D. T.


I can tell you exactly when my shoulder began hurting! We had spent the better part of a week moving boxes from the old house to the new one, and I woke up one morning with my shoulder really sore. Best way to characterize the pain was “nagging.” It wasn’t debilitating, but it was always sore!

I had heard about Kristen Zeanah’s '$30 for 30 minutes' offer and decided to give him a try. He came to my home, performed a very thorough exam of my shoulder and arm function and suggested exercises as well as a course of therapy. It was that simple, and I’m still doing the exercises he recommended. I’m so glad I didn’t decide to just 'live with it.' I give Kristen my highest recommendation.

—Dave R.